Thursday, February 21, 2013

Weekend Visits from Nathan

We have been lucky enough to have Nathan sleep over several nights the last two weekends.  At five, he is quite the thinker and talker.  It is so interesting.  Here are two gems.

Scene:  I am at the counter picking meat off a chicken carcass and Bill is at the sink cleaning up dishes from dinner.  Nathan is at the kitchen table coloring.
Me to Bill:  "What I really hate about cleaning the chicken is the stuff that feels like (and I spell) s-n-o-t."
Nathan: "Cool!  Snot!  Can I see it?"

Did I mention he is only 5 and not yet in kindergarten?

Bill had been feeling really lousy all day and was not quiet about it.  He said things like "I think I'm getting sick. My throat hurts. My head is killing me."
Scene:  Dad and Mom called to talk to Nathan before bed.
Eric (dad):  "Hi Nathan, are you having a good time?"
Nathan: "Dad, I have some bad news about your dad.  Pop pop is sick!"

He continues to change and grow each and every time we see him.  Now he is reading and can sound out the words he doesn't know.  He insisted on trying to read  Ratatouille as a bedtime story but finally got tired of sounding everything out when he realized he had no idea what was happening in the story.  How amazing for him to want to try! 


While playing Monopoly he took a turn as banker and is very good at figuring out how to make the right combination of bills to pay his debt or to collect from us. While the math involved is simple and only involves adding and subtracting up to 10, he can do it! 

And of course, no visit would be complete without some kind of cooking.  We made Rice Krispy treats with melted chocolate on top.

And we always do some kind of running around and playing outside.  Nathan and Pop pop had a great time in the snow. In this video, Pop pop is instructing Nathan - priceless!

And then we sit and cuddle watching movies at night.  We saw "Thor" (yuck!) "Despicable Me" and "How To Train Your Dragon".  It was a very good time.


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Dave said...

So cute...can't wait for Nathan and Karisa to hangout and play together.