Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Pop Pop Mutiny

For Christmas, Bill - also known as Pop-pop - wrote a book for Nathan.  Bill has dreamed of reading Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson to him.  They often talk about pirates and treasure hunting, so at Halloween, they both dressed up as pirates and we took tons of pictures. Then when we were on vacation, we took lots of photos of pirate ships and other pirate items that he could use in developing pictures for the story.

Captain Nathan fighting Seaman Pop-pop

When we got home, Bill sat down to write the story.  He spent quite a lot of hours creating the final photos, that include Nathan and Bill fighting with swords on a ship!  Vicki and I edited it and when completed, became the cutest personal storybook ever. 

On Christmas morning, we gave him the book and read it to him.  That afternoon, Grandpa Joe read the story to him.The next day his Dad read the story to him.  Then Nathan decided - Dad, tell Pop-pop to get more books.  I'll take them to the library and sell them to my friends.

Now Nathan is working on another story that he a Pop-pop can do together.  I think it has something to do with rescuing a princess from a dragon.

The Johnson entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in that little guy!

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Dave said...

He is gonna be quite the salesman like all Johnsons : )