Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sad Start to the Year

In the last week, I have found out that two former classmates died from cancer. 

Jim was in Lew's class and was one of his friends.  He had a business in the Poconos and several children and grandchildren.  He was 63.  And he died of colon cancer.

Leon (Lonnie to some) was the year behind me.  We dated for about 6 months of my senior year.  He was such a nice boy and had the best smile.  I can still see it.  He also had his own business, several children and grandchildren.  He was 61.  And he died of cancer. 

Tonight we learned devastatng news.  Our next door neighbor of 18 years, Scott,  has died from pancreatic cancer.  He has a wife, 5 children, and is only 50 years old.  We thought he had been lucky to have diagnosed his cancer in the very early stages.  Not so. 

These three fine men have succumbed to the ravages of cancer. Their battle is over and they have gone to their heavenly reward. Yet it hurts my heart to think of the fun and funny men that no longer grace this world.  I cannot stop thinking of Scott's family.  His oldest daughter married about 18 months ago.  Hers is the only wedding he will attend.  He will not know any grandchildren.  They will not grow old together.  His youngest, a son, is only in middle school.  I am so very sad for them. 

So I will cook them a meal, offer condolences and offer up prayers for their peace and strength.  God bless them especially in the days to come. 

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