Saturday, January 12, 2013


We spent a small fortune in the last quarter of the year in order to participate in a weight loss program supervised by a doctor.  It touts rapid weight loss, which would probably work if you do exactly what you are told to do.
I guess I never was very good at following a dictator.  As soon as I am told I HAVE to do something in a certain way, I look for ways to do the same thing in MY way.  I am such a child.
We  attended a weekly class over an hour from home.  Every week, we had to purchase our weekly "prescription" of food.  And we had to report on our behavior the previous week. 
So what did I do?  Lied, lied and lied!  I wrote down what they wanted to hear.  I did about 75% of the right behavior and lied about the rest.  In the end I lost over 15 pounds including 3 inches off my waist!  In that same time period, some of our classmates lost 30-40 pounds.  To be fair, they were considerably heavier to start than we were.  But our biggest mistake was trying to do this from October through December.  Yeesh! 
The premise of the program is to eat at minimum,  a specific number of meals and nothing else.  They called it "out of the box" if you eat anything not purchased from them.  Much of the class time was spent brainstorming how to get through tricky times like Thanksgiving without eating anything out of the box.  Really?  We spent 30 minutes one night, helping one of the women with ideas how she could eat only the food from the diet when she was on a blind date that week.  Are you kidding me?
So I guess I was bound to be less successful than someone totally dedicated to the program.  I was never going to miss Thanksgiving which is probably my favorite meal of the year.  I was also not going to take my food to a restaurant and ask them to microwave it for me.  I will eat the meals most of the time now.  We have enough food to last about 3 months!  And I am peeling off about 1-2 pounds a week.  I can live with that.


scissorbill said...

People that do what they're told are boring.

Dave said...

Good for you Linda...proud of you for not giving up on your goal!