Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas is always an adventure.  Whatever you expect to happen, doesn't.  But the surprises that DO happen are delightful.
Our 5 year old grandson Nathan delighted us many times over.  We went to his house early on Christmas morning to watch him open the gifts from Santa and from Mom and Dad, and to deliver our gifts.  He was eating breakfast when we got there, and within minutes of the hugs and kisses, he began taking charge.
We were told to sit in the living room and he would deliver the presents from under the tree.  He had been carrying around a gift that he was SURE was Ninjago something or other board game.  And as soon as we all had our coffee and sat down, he pronounced it was time.

He opened the gift in lightning speed and sure enough - it was the Ninjago game.  He jumped up and down, laughing and I think he was as delighted that he figured it out as he actually got it. 

Next he decided Grammy (me) should open a gift.  Attached to the gift was a card Nathan prepared.  In each card he made, he drew two pictures. One was a wrapped present, the other was a different one.  On mine, he drew a little boy's smiling face.  On Pop-pop's. he drew a Christmas tree.  And the final drawing was an empty rectangle.  I asked him what it was for, he said, "it's for you to write down what gift you got.  Then you won't forget."  Then he ran to he desk to get a pen so I could write it down.

It brought back many fond memories when my boys were young and eager for Christmas.   We so look forward to the day and it is over in a flash.  In our case, we get to enjoy Christmas with many grandchildren.  Katie and Micah spend Christmas Eve day with us.  We had breakfast, opened gifts, had lunch, decorated Micah's gingerbread house, watched movies - and then they had to leave.  Later that day, we Skyped with David and Katie in Guam.  It was Christmas morning there, and Karisa was was opening her gifts.  What a blessing that technology is!
Christmas night we opened our gifts from Andy's family and Vicki and exchanged our gifts.  Exhausted we fell asleep watching TV!
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!