Sunday, July 15, 2012

Photo Dilemma

Going from film to digital has made it so easy to take lots of photos.  I take some kind photo every week.  Lately it has been birds.  I can't even begin to guess how many photos of birds I have.  It was easier for me when the film was developed and photos were printed. I could arrange them in albums and then look at them when I wanted.

I just checked one of our computers, the one that has the fewest photos on it and it adds up to more than 35 GB.  I must have over 150 GB on the other computer.  These are all personal, not business.

So, here is my dilemma.  I am a photo hoarder.  I cannot seem to throw any away.  I am so delusional that I entertain the idea if I throw one away, it will end up being the answer to a crime, or have someone famous in it, or some other ridiculous reason.  Also, I have more photos of my grandchildren, and I cannot bear to throw them away.  It seems like I am throwing the person away.  I know I am crazy about this.  I know I am not being reasonable.  I know I am putting off what has to be done.  Maybe if I admit to being a photo hoarder, it is the first step to the cure.  What do you think?

It's pitiful, really.  Here are some examples of photos I've been keeping.  Bill is right, I really do need help!

Katie is number 3.

Tire tracks made by delivery truck.

Neighborhood cardinal in the garden.

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scissorbill said...

Nobody ever made it onto Hoarders with digital hoarding ;) Allan can overlook piles of actual junk on his way to cleaning off the virtual desktop.