Sunday, July 15, 2012

Photo Dilemma

Going from film to digital has made it so easy to take lots of photos.  I take some kind photo every week.  Lately it has been birds.  I can't even begin to guess how many photos of birds I have.  It was easier for me when the film was developed and photos were printed. I could arrange them in albums and then look at them when I wanted.

I just checked one of our computers, the one that has the fewest photos on it and it adds up to more than 35 GB.  I must have over 150 GB on the other computer.  These are all personal, not business.

So, here is my dilemma.  I am a photo hoarder.  I cannot seem to throw any away.  I am so delusional that I entertain the idea if I throw one away, it will end up being the answer to a crime, or have someone famous in it, or some other ridiculous reason.  Also, I have more photos of my grandchildren, and I cannot bear to throw them away.  It seems like I am throwing the person away.  I know I am crazy about this.  I know I am not being reasonable.  I know I am putting off what has to be done.  Maybe if I admit to being a photo hoarder, it is the first step to the cure.  What do you think?

It's pitiful, really.  Here are some examples of photos I've been keeping.  Bill is right, I really do need help!

Katie is number 3.

Tire tracks made by delivery truck.

Neighborhood cardinal in the garden.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

We are new Pop pop and "Guama"

I forgot to post the pictures of our newest granddaughter. 
Karisa (sounds like Teresa with a K) Victoria Johnson. 
She is living in Tolofofo Guam with her parents.  Beautiful place, far far away.  Here she is.

Karisa Victoria - birthday, June 13th.
Already contemplating the universe - day two.

With mom - about 3 wks old.


Grandson Nathan stayed overnight last night as he has many times before. 

He woke up very early to go to the bathroom and announced "It is way too early to get you out of bed."  So as I was putting him back in his room, he said, "I just had a very funny dream.  Uncle David and the baby were in my bed sleeping with me.  The baby was crying and crying.  She wouldn't stop crying.  Finally Uncle David told the baby to stop crying.  Then she peed on my toes!"

With that he laughed and laughed, laid down and went to sleep for two more hours.