Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just Do it - Not now......

I am becoming (maybe always was) a master procrastinator.  Did you ever have something really important to do that is complicated, really involved and has areas where you are either unsure how to do it or just plain uncomfortable? 

I have one of those projects now and have spent the morning and in fact, the last three days, working around it.  I have a book to read about it and instead of just reading it, I am skipping around the chapters.  I putz around on the Internet and Facebook and LinkedIn and anyplace to waste time.  The US Open golf tournament is calling me to watch it.  But I am currently wasting time watching the birds and blogging!  Although one could argue that is multi-tasking.

Actually, I have not been totally avoiding it but I am sure that diving in would be much more effective.  And I am writing about it to get reved up enough to jump in. 

Diving in, jumping in, taking the plunge - I guess they all remind me of feeling scared beforehand and (usually) exhilarated after the step off in faith.

Well, here I go - plunging in.  Pray for me {smile}.


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katie johnson said...

next time we talk, can we find out what the project is??