Monday, January 9, 2012

End of the year - Welcome 2012

I intended to end the year with a rambling, but never got around to it. 

Stupid joke - I know.  Here it is 2012.  What will this year bring?  I can tell you I had a store experience today at K-mart.  It actually has very little to do with K-mart except for the fact that their automatic door wasn't working.

I was actually feeling a little claustrophobic - having cabin fever - and wanted to get out of the house for a bit.  So I had a small list of things to buy and do including shopping for a shirt for Bill like one he had particularly liked.  I got the original shirt from K-mart so I started my day out there.  I puttered around the store finding left-over Christmas items, the shirt, lotion, and plastic totes to store my Christmas decorations in - all on sale!  I was happy, happy! 

As I check out, the pile of stuff when bagged filled the shopping cart.  I push the cart to the exit door, which is supposed to be automatic, and it just bumps into the door.  I back it off the mat and try again.  No luck.  I now am trying to gracelessly push open the door  with the cart and my hand.  I hear behind me a "Tsk" and a disgruntled groan.  A young woman (not teenager) is really annoyed that I am struggling with the door, so after making her displeasure known through her groans, she scoots around the corner to exit through the entrance.  I am still struggling to get the door open.  As she exits, she looks at me struggling, shakes her head and walks out. 

What the ?????   No help or offer to help?  I actually was really surprised.  It really wasn't a big deal - but it was so disappointing.  I am noticing that the older I get, the less people are nice to me.  Regardless of the circumstances, it seems that being old is viewed as impeding the way.  Today, the young woman saw me as the problem and not the quirky door. 

The good news is it was great to get out.  Bill met me for lunch and that too was fine.  Happy New Year! 

Don't they know the horseshoe is upside down?  All the luck will run out!