Thursday, October 6, 2011

What a Klutz!

We stopped at the grocery store tonight.  Bill dropped me off near the door and pulled away.  I was looking at the carts 10 yards away and stepping onto the curb when my foot stubbed and I tripped.  Down I went - right knee, left knee, left hand, left forearm then (and I still don't understand this) left boob!  Ouch!

Bill's story - I let Linda off to go shopping and pull ahead. I stopped for a lady who is sort of agitated and pointing to the door of the store. finally I realize she is "talking" to me and I look over and see Linda on her knees.

Embarrassing!  I rolled onto my back thinking "I can't believe I just missed that step!" and "Ouch, lots of places hurt"  Two ladies ran up to me to see if I needed any help.  Truthfully, I didn't know but I didn't think so.  I rolled onto my knees and pushed myself up.  That's good - no blood!. Bill is there, puts his arm around me and some guy walks by and says "I saw that and I thought for a minute there he threw you out of the car."

I assure everyone I am fine and go into the store to pick up the few things I wanted.  It is kind of cold tonight, so I had on a rather heavy jacket, heavy jeans and of course sneakers.  The heavy clothes protected my skin.  I have no idea why I didn't get brush burns on my hand, but I didn't.  Although as I sit here typing, between sentences I am resting my hand on an ice bag.  As for the rest of me - I'm all in one piece.  Amazing.

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Bill said...

No I didn't throw Linda out of the jeep.