Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Fun

Yesterday we went to pick pumpkins at a cute local farm.  I got a butternut squash for us while Dann and Micah picked out this really cool, warty pumpkin.  The farm had a corn maze ( I always want to spell it corn maize - redundently),

giant pumpkins for sale and animals to feed and pet. It even included emus. 

And no, we didn't try to pet those snappy big guys.   There were giant hay bales for the kids to climb and even a miniature golf course.  It is a cute little farm.  We were taken to the pumpkin field in a hay wagon and were surprised to see pumpkins that are grey, green and orange.  Also, gourds, squash and lots of mud!

Once back at home, Micah and Dann went to work carving the pumpkin.  It is really cool! 

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