Friday, August 5, 2011

Lozenges, etc.

I was trying to find the lozenges I like that have zinc when I stumbled upon Luden's Wild Cherry Throat drops.  Of course I had to buy them.  They are not bad, but my memory of them is better.  They used to come in a wax paper lined box and were shaped like a capsule and probably about the same size as  capsule.  Even better than Luden's, Smith Brothers Wild Cherry cough drops also in a wax paper lined box were the best.  They were round and really, really good.  I always tried to make the box of drops last longer than one day, but I rarely managed to do so.

Another favorite was Lik-m-ade.  It was a sugary, tart powder in an envelope sort of like the kind seeds come in.  You would either lick your finger, stick your wet finger into the powder and then suck it off OR pour it into your mouth OR pour it into your palm and stick your wet tongue in the powder.  Great candy - and you know how clean kids hands always are.

At Christmas time, Grandma Slotter always bought brightly colored translucent candies on a stick that were molded into shapes like trees, sleighs etc.  The candies were probably pure sugar and were really pretty (to me anyway).  No matter what color they were, they all tasted the same and as you sucked on it, you could really make a sharp edge or point.  Inevitably, between the sugar and the sharpness I would wear my tongue down.

When I had 10 cents I could spend an hour at Clemens' grocery store picking out the candy.  It is true, the candy was in jars and most were 1 cent each.  I would point to one of this, two of that until I had 10 cents worth and the grocer picked them and  put them in a little (and I mean little) brown paper bag.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Clemens worked in the store, but only Mr Clemens waited on us kids.

There are lots of other candies and treats that fell by the wayside either by tastes changing or by companies not making them anymore.  Black Jack gum, wax lips and teeth, cinnamon hearts, candy cigarettes, root beer barrels, candy necklaces, Fizzies, Mary Janes, Juju Bees, Necco wafers, Sky Bar, Bazooka gum.... looking back at this little list, there are very few that I would still eat today.  Actually most weren't that good then!

I wonder if there are candy or food memories created today.  It wasn't only the candy but the process of buying it that made it memorable.  Foods help create powerful memories - I can still hear the ice cream truck bell........

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Jim said...

Anything high in sugar has been sued off the market. There would always be at least a niche market for many of those same treats. Even sugar wafers only exist as 'sugar free' wafers. You'd be amazed at the number of U.S.A. products that have been sued off the market.