Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Recently I visited my Dad's cousin Grace.  We talk about things today and about the family.  She must be in her mid-eighties, possibly nineties.  I wanted to find out how old she is and went to the family histories I have.  Hmmmm, Grace isn't there.  It seems that we have geneology for both my mom's parents and for my dad's father but have nothing for Grandma Slotter.

So I contacted Tom, my cousin (or second cousin - never could get the titles) and Grace's son.  "Do you have a geneology for the Hillegass' family?"  He said, :I'll talk to Mom"

The next day I received this from Tom:
What excited me was names I had never heard before; Manoah Hillegass, Dinah Krauss Hillegass.  Of course, you know what I did next.  I googled the most unusual name, Manoah Hillegass!
The first thing I found:
Grandma's maternal grandparents now have names!  Then finally I found a whole document containing the history of her father's family back to Germany. 

I can now start on the Sarah (can you believe there are Krauss' on both sides of the tree?) and George track and see if anyone has already completed their history too.  If not, I will have to decide if i want to pursue it.  Today, I am very excited about it.  Perhaps I will.


Jim said...

Guess you've forgotten Willard and Nita Krauss? They came to visit Elda, not Mom's family. They were from Milledgeville Illinois. Since singer Allison Krauss is from Illinois, I wonder if she's somehow related to us through them.

Jim said...

Guess life stopped happening??

Edgar Wallace said...
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