Monday, July 25, 2011

Speaking about Fans.....

I remember spending a great deal of time around fans.  Even though we weren't supposed to get near the electric kind.  Air conditioning was not standard in either the home or cars.  I would spend a week with my Aunt Winnie and we went places like their country club.  Their home and all the inside places we went were air conditioned.  One afternoon it was crazy hot and we were in their car.  I have no idea where we were going. They had air conditioning in the car!  I was complaining and moaning that the car was hot and I wanted the windows open, like in our car.  Well I complained so much that Uncle Claude told me to be quiet and he opened the windows in the front.  Hot air poured into the car.  He hollered "Are you happy now?"  I couldn't speak.  I couldn't tell him to put the windows back up - I had been such a demanding little jerk.  So I just said in a very small voice "Yes"

Outside of my rich aunt and uncle, fans were the cooling tool of the day.  There were hand fans in the church pews along with the hymnals that appeared during every summer.  They were fixed fan-shaped cardboard on a wood stick.  Of course, any child immediately picked one up and fanned themselves and anyone in the immediate area.  Some women carried fold-up fans in their handbag.  They were too hard for most kids to handle.  But they freed up the fixed fans for us kids to use.  Probably not their intention.

At home, we had one giant floor fan that when I stood in front of it blew my hair straight back.  And if you talked into it, it vibrated your voice.  I think that fan was kept in the "boy's room".  Of course I wasn't allowed up there. I seem to also remember seeing it on the first floor, in Daddy's office.  I'm not sure. 

My favorite fan was a table fan. It rotated back and forth and the blades were RUBBER!  I remember it on the kitchen table and my brothers taught me how to stick my fingers in it to stop the blades from rotating.  That was fun!  But as luck would have it - boy did I get yelled at!  They had an uncanny way of disappearing and letting me take the blame.  I probably ratted on them. {SMILE}

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