Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hazy, Hot and Humid

Crazy hot weather we are having.  At 7:00 PM it is 96 degrees in the shade on our deck.  Although I only know this because we have an indoor-outdoor thermometer.  It is too doggone hot to open the doors!  So Bill and I are lolling around in the air conditioned world we created.  Pretty cool, huh? (Pun intended)

I remember those hot summer nights on Jefferson Street when Betsy and I shared a room.  It was so hot that the sweat trickled down the skin to the sheets.  The air was totally still.  We had one window open in our bedroom, one window open in Mom and Daddy's room and all the other windows on the first floor were closed.  The door to the upstairs where my brothers slept was left open because the floor fan (maybe it was a window fan) at the top of the stairs was positioned to push air out the window.  Always, by morning it was cold enough to pull up the sheets. 

We usually stayed outside as long as possible.  It was much cooler there.  Besides we could catch fireflies, eat Popsicles or ice cream and sometimes play tag in the dark.  I hated coming inside.  It was always hotter inside and it usually meant taking a bath.    I hated the bath, even though I felt great after the bath, all dry and powdered up.  I would try and talk my way into watching TV, but that hardly ever worked. 

We are so lucky now to have air conditioning that I sometimes forget to be thankful.  It's that way with many things.  Forgetting to be thankful, I mean.  Thank you God for home, family, health and safety.  And air conditioning.  Amen.

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Jim said...

It was a window fan. We got it the summer after you were born when we came down (from sleeping) all sweated. Mom told Dad with some anger in her voice, "You WILL get a big fan for that room!!" It must have capped an argument we otherwise didn't hear. They never argued or fussed at each other, so that was a surprise all by itself.
And we DID get that fan installed by the same evening.