Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy July 4th!

Activities on the fourth were very exciting when I was a kid.  Daddy would cook an egg for breakfast. (He always did this on Sundays and holidays)  I always peppered my parents with questions like "When is the parade?  Is anyone coming over?  When are we going to the park?"  Then we get dressed.  And wait.  You know how impatient a seven year old is.  So I would "help" Mom cutting up fruit or potatoes for the various salads.

We would go to watch the parade.  Bands, old cars, majorettes, cheerleaders, floats, veterans (although I didn't know they were called that them, I just thought they were old guys in boy scout hats) fire trucks all passed by.  I remember sitting on the curb watching it, but I don't remember where the curb was.  Main Street? In front of where?  I don't know.

I don't exactly remember the picnic, either where it was or who was there.  But I do remember going to the park, Goshenhoppen Park.  We would listen to the Red Hill band play in the bandshell.  There was a pretty baby contest and other contests.  I would play on the swings and slide with whoever was there.  We ran up and down hills and just played all day.  Then we would go home to watch the fireworks.  We couldn't see the ones on the ground, but could see the ones in the sky.

I don't know how many of my memories are that of a seven year old and how many are from assorted random years.  As usual for me, I have snippets of memories.  I do wish they were more complete.

As for us today, we hung our flag and plan to have picnic food, watch fireworks, and generally have a great day.  And we are sure to watch 1776.  The best and most fun reminder of our founding founders struggles and work.

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