Saturday, July 16, 2011

Angry Birds

Now that I've finally finished my Harry Potter book (good ending to the series), I can get back to my real obsession....... Angry Birds.  I have played through all the levels so my new goal is to get 3 stars on all levels.  I'm only missing 11 stars out of 360 possible in AB Rio.  AND, I've found all the fruit, 60 out of 60.

In AB Original, I have a lot of work to do to get three stars on each scene.  Now they've added a feather representing total destruction of all the support structures in the scene.  But you need an eagle to accomplish it.  The eagle is a one time  99 cent purchase.  The eagle streaks across the scene with this huge splat making Nathan and I laugh.  He gets a kick out of the game, too.

Then there is AB Seasons.  Right now is the summer scene.  Every day they release another scene.  I found out about this one rather late.  There is Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and Easter in addition to Summer.  Nathan works on these for me.  He's so funny.  He beats the level and raises both arms with a "Woo Hoo!  I won!"

I probably waste spend 30 minutes to an hour a day on these silly games.  Do you think I can claim they are improving my mental flexibility?  How about dexterity?  Hand-eye coordination?

Oh well, I tried.

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scissorbill said...

I'm terrible at Angry Birds. The boys love it, even Thomas who often shoots the birds backwards. At least I can beat him.