Thursday, June 30, 2011


We have the best sandbox I've ever seen.  By we, I mean near our house.  It is the Bob Rodale Cycling and Fitness Park that includes the Velodrome.  Across the street from the Velodrome is an adult track - .75 mile peanut shape for jogging, rollerblading and bicycling.  Beside that is a "tot track" and a sandbox - our sandbox. 

Every time before today, there have been at least 5 kids playing at the sandbox.  Today it was completely empty.  Nathan was so cute on the way from the car to the sandbox.  We passed two women pushing strollers.  He looked in the one stroller and said "You have a very cute baby."  The mom thanked him.  Then he asked "are you going to the sandbox?" She said, "No, I'm sorry.  We are leaving to go home and get lunch."  He looked at her and said, "Bummer, that's too bad.  We always have fun.  Bye!"

Here's an idea how big the sandbox is and how empty it was.  Look in the far end - that is Nathan waving at you.

We buried each other's feet, he crawled under the big rocks, we built some castles so he could knock them down, we timed him running from one end to the other (13 counts), looked for buried treasure and he tried out all the toys left by others.  All in all, a successful play date.

Oh, and I forgot, he also posed for a couple of pictures.

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