Sunday, June 26, 2011

Proud of them

Every so often, I have to have a brag page about the grandkids.  {SMILE}

We are usually pretty good at getting to Katie and Micah's games.  However the last 6 weeks or so, between rain outs, tremendous heat and Iron Pigs games we missed a lot.  And this last week I had VBS and missed the whole week.  So, this weekend both Katie and Micah were in tournaments.  Micah's was the Laxapalooza north of Bethlehem and Katie's was USSSA Softball at Alton Park in Allentown. 

They each played multiple games and we got to one game for each. In the games we saw,  Micah (facing off and a middie) scored a goal and really played well.  He plays on the U13 lacrosse team even though he is 11, but unfortunately his team lost.  Katie (catcher) played well and the team won. 

In the games we didn't see, Micah's team struggled all day.  I don't think they won a game. Katie's team had a great weekend and so did Katie.  She was voted MVP of the last game on Saturday.  And in one of the games on Sunday, she hit a GRAND SLAM!!    The team made it to the quarter finals, but lost there. 

Both these athletes play hard and develop strong friendships with their teammates.  It really is fun to watch them because they really enjoy what they are doing.  Also it is my unbiased opinion they are extremely talented, strong and the best players on the field.  Well, they are!  You would say so too if you watched them.

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