Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day

I got to thinking about Father's Day a few days ago on Flag Day.  I reminded myself of the first time I played golf.  It was Flag Day and Vic Stahl took his daughter and my friend Mary, Clark Hamman and me golfing.  I think he was a State store employee at the time, and it was one of the many holidays they used to have.  Also, it was in the middle of the week, so it didn't take away from his usual Saturday games with his friends. 

So why did that remind me of Father's Day?  Well, Daddy and my brothers used to practice chipping and hitting in the back yard.  I, of course, wanted to play too.  So they would hand me a nine iron and send me to the corner of the yard to practice.  Daddy often sent me with "When you are old enough, I'll take you golfing."

He died before he could do this, but Mr. Stahl heard the story from me and decided he would fulfill Daddy's promise to me.  We had a really great day.  We were rained out after 17 holes, but I had a 97 with one hole to go.  I was pretty happy.  We played at the course Vic and Daddy played, Rich Maiden. 

I have not thought about this in years.  I imagine I am thinking about it this year because Vic Stahl died last December.  He was 99.   Daddy would have been 102 this year.  I like to imagine Daddy was very happy to see his old friend.  I can see them walking the golf course of heaven together.  

 Happy Father's Day Daddy.                              Happy Father's Day Vic. 

Howard Slotter
Vic Stahl

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Dave said...

That's a beautiful story Linda. Thanks for sharing. No wonder golf has a special place in your heart. Good luck in your summer tournament!