Friday, June 17, 2011

The Deck

Want to find a fun way to spend 6-8 weeks?  Rebuild your deck!  Yes, I said rebuild your deck.

Our deck is gigantic, probably 20' x 40' and if you set foot on it, you'll probably get a splinter.  It was built about 25 years ago, and wasn't maintained by the first two owners.  So, when we bought the house, we always figured that a little TLC would make it nice, pleasant or at least decent.  NOT!  After 17 years, we decided to rebuild the deck ourselves.  Do you sense sarcasm?  No, more like..... concern.  This is a big job.

So Bill enlisted the help of his son Eric to work with him.  They began by removing all the deck boards and stacking them in a 20 cubic foot dumpster.  Then it started raining - and raining - and raining.  In three weeks, they were probably able to work three days.

The fun part for me is that I get to watch Nathan while Eric works with Bill.  It is more like I get to play with Nathan.   Today we went on a hunt for a new playground.  And found one about 2 miles from our neighborhood.  Great slides, climbing stairs, all the things you'd want a nice playset to be.

We really had hoped to have the deck completed by July fourth and have a big picnic.  And it may (operative word is May) be completed by then.  But we decided to scrap the plans committing for the fourth picnic.  As George 41 would say, "Not gonna do it."  Or was that Dana Carvey acting as GHWB?

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scissorbill said...

It sounds like a big project. I'd rather play with Nathan too!