Monday, June 20, 2011

Childhood VBS

I've been trying to remember Bible School when I was a kid.  As with many other memories, these are snippets of time.  There is not a full story in the pile of memories.   

Here are some things I do remember.  Bible school was two weeks long.  It was in the cool of the evening because we played outside for a while.  The snacks were usually Woodson Dairy vanilla ice cream in paper cups (where you could push the ice cream out) and pretzels.  We always had lemonade with it.  Why anyone would serve lemonade with that, I don't know.  The funny thing is, today our refreshments at church always include lemonade and iced tea.

I remember making things.  Can't you smell (and unfortunately taste) the paste.  I see the stick with paste on it that we used to coat the paper.  We would stick things into the paste; paper, beads, macaroni. sequins.  We had buttons, ice cream sticks, pipe cleaners and tin foil.  Milk cartons and oatmeal boxes worked for dioramas.  So many fun things to make.

I also remember singing.  We sang all the time.  Fun songs with motions like stomping feet, clapping hands and jumping up and down.

The last night was the best.  We got to take everything home. 

So this year, I have to remember the actions are the fun things.  It is what the kids will remember.

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