Friday, April 15, 2011

The Principle of It

Bill and I stopped by Wegman's to have dinner and while we were at it pick up a few things .  We actually only planned to buy bruschetta fixin's, but I love putzing around in Wegman's - and always end up remembering things we need and seeing other things we'd like to try.

We ate first, Bill had the Chinese buffet and I had the salad bar.  Both of us were happy! 

We find baguettes already cut for bruschetta in the bakery.  If you buy 1 bag it is $2.25.  If you buy 2 if is $4.00.  My thrifty husband decides on two.  We get basil, tomatoes, parmesian cheese, play doh (not kidding ) - So we continue our shopping trip, and as Bill fades out, he leaves the store and waits for me on a shopping bench.  I check out (swipe your Shopper's card please, swipe your credit card please) put all my cards away and as I walk away, check out the price of the baguettes.  Right - they charged me $2.25 each.  Grrrrrrr.

Fifty cents.  Hmmmm - Bill is waiting for me - do I want to go through the hassle for 50 cents?  Yup, I do.  And it was a hassle.  I explain to the clerk, clerk tells second clerk.  Clerk calls the bakery department, first person has no idea, has to get department manager.  Department manager confirms the price is 2 for $4.00.  Clerk to me, "Ma'am, can I see the baguette bag?"  I rummage around and get the bag, Clerk scans the code.  I put it away.  "Can I see the bag again?"  Sure here it is.  "Can I see your shopper's card?" I dig it out.  Now I am expecting now to hand over a credit card - when I'm handed 50 cents - in cash.  "Have a nice evening!"  Imagine that!

The price of principle - All because we wanted to have bruschetta tomorrow.

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Jim said...

1.5 months with no blog. Must have been one whacking great sandwich.