Thursday, March 24, 2011

Winter Vacation (s)!

We just returned from our second of two winter vacations this year.  It has been a great way to spend this lousy, snowy season.  But apparently nobody told the weather that it is spring now!  I digress......

The first night home (Sunday night), I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.  I was trying to remember where the bathroom was in this hotel.  I really didn't know I was home!  This trip we were gone 20 days.  The first night was on a train, nights 2-3 were in Orlando, night 4 in Daytona, night 5-12 was in Palm Coast, night 13-14 in Orlando, night 15 on a train, night 16-19 in Virginia Beach, night 20 in Warrington VA. 

Our first vacation was 18 days in January to Hawaii to visit David and Katie.  Covered briefly in another post, I can tell you it was the trip I didn't want to go on because of the distance on airplanes.  The way Bill planned it, we had a two night layover in San Francisco both ways.  It sure made the travel pleasant.  We had such a great time visiting "the kids" and touring Oahu.  The weather is spectacular as is the unique landscape.  I don't think the beach is any farther than 30 minutes away no matter where you are on the island.  Learning the history of Hawaii made the touring particularly interesting.  Also, many movies and TV shows were/are filmed on this island including (obviously) Hawaii 5-0, Off the Map, Lost, 50 First Dates, Gilligan's Island, - I forget what else.  It was really hard to leave - and not because of the weather - although that was a consideration :)  We really enjoyed visiting with the "kids". 

Our March trip was very busy but also really relaxing.  We spent days by ourselves in Orlando, with good friends in Palm Coast and with family in Virginia.  I got to bird watch at Frank and Bev's house.  Their place is on a lake with all sorts of wildlife.  The trees and flowers were blooming and we could sit outside with the camera and binoculars.  An eagle, osprey, blue heron, white egret, and loads of lesser birds.  I actually got pictures of some of them.

Bald Eagle gathering nesting material
Geese waiting to come on shore to eat and Poop
Blue heron
Palm Coast is between Daytona Beach and St. Augustine.  Our friends Barry and Sandy Miller invited us on their annual vacation to their time share week. 

Bill and Barry - modeling their hats and shirts.
We visited Daytona only once because it was bike week - too many folks!  St Augustine is a charming town and we visited it often.  It was a great week visiting with friends.  We ended the vacation visiting with family. 
The Johnsons - Bill, Linda, Frank and Bev
 We ended with a dinner with the Virginia Ballews.  In fact, I think we met the next family member.  Nothing official yet, but it seems likely.   It was fun and as always great to see them.

L-R:  Caleb, Josh, Elijah, Andy, Robin, Derek, Heather, Rachel, Clay
So there you have it.  The thumbnail version of "How We Spent Our Winter"  Maybe next post, I'll share some Hawaii pictures!

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Dave said...

We miss you guys toooooo. It meant alot that you came all that way to be with us. We had a great time. Tell Dad I'll treasure our time on the battleship museum learning about his time in the Navy.