Sunday, March 6, 2011


What a crazy, crazy day!  I was really looking forward to seeing Daytona racetrack and especially Dale Earnhardt's statue.  What a day!

We started the day at a lovely B&B - River Lily B&B.  Our hosts entertained with singing and playing and generally visiting with us.  It was especially interesting because Barry and Sandy OWN a B&B in Grove City, PA.  Here is the living room where we stayed.
After a great breakfast, we decided to drive to the speedway.  And we discovered - IT IS BIKE WEEK!!!
The closest we chose to get was across the street.  I did get a photo of the Dale Earnhardt grandstand.  But I can tell you I have never seen so many bikes before.  And Mike and Julia and I were in Sturgis SD for bike week.  We left the speedway area and drove to the beach.  Walked on the boardwalk for a couple of hours.  And then left the area for Palm Coast.

Here is a quick snapshot of the Daytona Beach area.  I tell you it was nuts.

So Bill and I took a leisurely drive up Route 1.  We didn't know we were driving into the biggest congregating yet.  There is a Harley Davidson dealer at Route 1 and 95 - the largest dealer in Florida.  There were somewhere around 150,000 bikes there.  Never have we seen so many.

Made for a memorable day - and we were really happy to get to Palm Coast.

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