Thursday, March 3, 2011

Auto Train

What a hoot!  We decided to take the auto train to Florida.  The only train I ever rode (not including subways - I don't think they are trains.  And not including Strasburg railroad) was from Lansdale to Philadelphia and back.  While fun, that took about 40 minutes. 

We got to the station in Virginia and turned our car over to them.  They videotaped the exterior, slapped a magnetic number on the side and loaded it.  It happened so fast, it was loaded before we knew it!
That's not our car, but you get the idea.  The train leaves at 4:00 PM and arrives in Florida the next morning around 9:30 AM. 

We had a sleeper "roomette" - the seats faced each other until bedtime, then became bunk beds.  It was great fun.  Included was dinner in the dining car, a wine and cheese social, a movie in the evening and coffee, teas and lots of stuff.

Some people were in coach, with recliners.  Some had grand accomodations.  Overall the train transported 212 vehicles, 440 people and was 3/4 mile long. 

We really enjoyed it - until they brought us the car.  It seems the steward that transported the car was in a hurry and actually broke the seat adjustment.  Bill couldn't even get into the car.  After a lengthy and heated exchange with the insurance adjuster, Bill was satisfied that the damage will be paid for - not by us.

It was too bad it ended that way - because we really did enjoy the trip.  AND - we are returning that way too!  Hope he's not to nervous about it.


scissorbill said...

You two are adventurous! I love it. Have a great time in Florida!

Dave said...

Did you ever get the insurance money for that?