Monday, February 28, 2011

Time Off

I took some time off from blogging because we have been really busy.  Honestly.  It's true.  "Prove it" you say?

Okay - let's see.......

Last time I blogged was a few days before Christmas.  So of course there was all the holiday celebrations through the New Year.  That was followed by a few basketball games - but then Katie broke her wrist snowboarding.  Next was our big trip. 

We left on the 9th for two days in San Francisco.  On the 11th we left for Hawaii where we spent two wonderful weeks on Oahu visiting Dave and Katie. Since they live there, they actually had to work, but when they were free we had great talks, wonderful meals, fun sight seeing and an all around great time.  Bill and I took off for the North Shore ourselves one day and here is what we saw..
It was so great!  After the two weeks were up, we flew to San Francisco for two days, then returned home to about 2 feet of snow!  Our neighbors took care of our driveway and it was clear. 

Following this trip. we still had to put Christmas away and clean up from the trip.  And I had to shop to take care of our bird friends.   We had run out of seed! 

Basketball started back up when we got back.  Katie's wrist healed and she was playing again and Micah's team started up and just finished a 12-0 season.  And poor me, poor me - I got some kind of cold / bronchitis.  Really has knocked me out.  Making it very hard to get ready for our next trip tomorrow.

We are leaving for about 20 days - heading south.  I'll post about our activities while we are gone.  Or maybe about something that hits my fancy. 

Nice to know you missed me!

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