Monday, November 8, 2010


Our womens group at church was looking for a service project.  Last year the group made health kits for Haiti.  We talked about repeating the health kits, or making childrens kits.  But we finally decided on hand tied fleece blankets.  Actually it was my idea.  I have a blanket that was a gift many years ago.  My daughter-in-law made it for me.  There is something very cozy and comforting about it.  That is the kind of item that people in need would appreciate, something comforting.  The bad thing about offering an idea is then you end up "volunteering" to manage the project.   So of course, I researched the fabrics and including shipping the blankets would cost us more than $25 each.  I found a company, that has kits priced for charitable or fundraising use.  And shipping is only 1 cent!  So I ordered the kits and we set the date and invited the women to bring sharp scissors - because all you have to do is cut fringe and tie the pieces together.  Here is what a finished hand tied blanket looks like.

Well today was the day designated for making the blankets.  I got to church about an hour early.  We have a rather large all purpose room used to open Sunday School, serve dinners and many other functions.  I moved tables in pairs and set up two blankets for us to work on.  I thought it would be good if we could get these two done in the 1 1/2 hours planned.  As it got close to the stated hour I was beginning to think nobody would make it today.  Then, 14 women arrived almost at the same time!  Soon in a frenzy of activity, blankets were getting completed!  In the end, 5 two-layer blankets and 8 one-layer blankets were completed in the time allowed.  We have 8 one-layer blankets left to complete next Monday.

I am so delighted with our undertaking.  The blankets have turned out to be a great service project.  They are simple to make yet are quite lovely, soft and comforting when complete. As important as the finished product is, much of my delight is in making connections and friendships with these generous, fun-loving women.  Getting "stuck" running a project has never been so rewarding. 

Maybe I'll offer up ideas again.

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