Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A New Attitude

I just got back from the grocery store. 

In the front of the store, when you first walk in is the flower shop, then the pharmacy, then the bakery, then the produce section.  I strolled through the flowers first, looking at the new birthday balloons and finally checking out the cakes in the display case.  They make really cool cartoon characters and pretty flowers, but nothing like the cakes on TV. 

As I am thinking about how much those specialty cakes on TV cost (I looked up Ace of Cakes bakery, Charm City cakes and they start at $1,000!) I am jostled out of my reverie by a strange noise.  I see that an unfortunate man on a shopping scooter has made a mistake and bumped into the free standing two-sided pie rack.  As I watch, he doesn't stop.  He is slowly plowing the pie rack into the bread rack and into the cookie rack and it is on its way to.... ME!!!  Baked goods are now falling everywhere.  It is a tidal wave of p√Ętisseries.  Bread loaves, pies, cakes, cookies, shoefly, pastries, and rolls slowly, slowly keep coming and coming.  I realize I am getting trapped behind the wave and in front of the display case.

With fancy maneuvering, my cart and I escape the oncoming cookie and cake boxes as I skirt the wave.  I look back now to see what is happening.  The man, at least in his late 70's, has finally stopped the scooter.  With hands shaking, he backs up, turns and leaves the area!  I don't know whether to laugh or feel sorry.  I get to produce and the young employee asks, "Are you alright?" I tell him, of course I'm fine.  Pointing to the damage he says, "Glad it's not my problem." 

While I chuckle as I finish my shopping, I actually don't know what to make of it, except to laugh.  I use the self-checkout although I don't know why, I hate it.  As I am leaving I look back at the bakery.  There are two women cleaning up the damages.  So, the young man says it's not his problem.  The old man drives away because it isn't his problem.  Figures - they left it for women to clean up.

(Men bashing done for the day - hahahahahahahaha!!!!!)

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Katie said...

i love how observant you are to all the things in your day!! and of course it was two women cleaning up!!:) what else would we expect!