Thursday, October 21, 2010


The funny thing about being retired, or should I say the funny thing about not working is that weekends come so quickly!  The week used to drag on and on, but now it is flying by.  I have attributed it to retirement, but do you suppose it is a function of aging?  I read about the downhill side of life,  and just the phrase conjures visions of speeding along out of control. Yikes!

Anyway, I started this about weekends.  While they seem to come around faster, it is still only 2 days (aren't I a keen observer?)  As an adult, weekends are such an important part of  living that I have been trying to remember weekends as a child.  What did we do lo those many years ago?

First Grade

It was the '50s.  I remember looking forward to Saturday morning cartoons.   I think Daddy would sometimes golf on Saturday.  And I'm not sure if it was Saturday morning or Sunday morning, Daddy would make me eggs over easy.  Of course, Sunday we went to Sunday school and church.  Then in the afternoon it was time for family visits.  We would visit grandparents, or aunt and uncles.  Sometimes in the summer, we would have a family picnic. Those Sundays where we stayed home, Daddy and my brothers would often watch baseball or football.  I have no idea what Mom did for a whole weekend.  When we walked into the house after church, it always smelled so good.  Either a roast or a baked chicken had been cooking while we were gone.  I got my step stool and it was my job to help Mom peel potatoes.  I wonder what else used to happen on weekends.

It all seems so ordinary, maybe even boring, compared to weekends now.  We and everyone we know are running somewhere.  No, I don't long for yesteryear, I enjoy all the things we do.  Besides, we don't have to recharge on the weekend.  We have all week to rest up!

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