Thursday, October 28, 2010


We are sitting in the office and hear a rapping sound.  I go down stairs because I think we have company.  Nothing.  I return to the office and there goes the rapping again. 

This time I go out the garage door thinking it is a Fed Ex or UPS delivery man.  Again nothing.

This goes on for some time until I decide to take my camera and walk around the outside of the house.  I suddenly have an idea what I am looking for.  And see what I find!
This adorable bird is tap, tap, tapping on our house.  How adorable is that.  I've never seen a woodpecker here before.  I smile and then I look closer.  Wait a minute - that's not so cute.

He looks like he's making progress on his insect search.  I think I see holes!  I pick up a small rock to throw at him and almost hit our skylights.  So in my wisdom, I yell at him.  And in a few he flies away leaving this.
Dratted little woodpecker.  Makes me think of the Woody Woodpecker cartoon, especially the laugh!

Alex - do you have any ideas what kind of woodpecker is this?  

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Alex said...

It looks like a downy woodpecker.