Friday, October 15, 2010

Scary Movies

I really love romantic comedies.  Right now I am watching "Holiday" about two women who decide on the spur of the moment to trade houses for two weeks.  One lives in England, the other in Los Angeles.  The movies are usually predictable, end happily and make me feel good.  Sigh.....

Let's see - I also really enjoy fantasy.  No not that kind, ha ha ha!!!  I mean fantasy like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings.  But I really enjoy them better if I know the story - and yes I had read the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  I don't like movie surprises.  Even in good dramas, I enjoy them more if I know when the awful stuff is going to happen in their life. 

My attitude probably comes from a particularly memorable Saturday afternoon.  I was probably around 12 years old.  And my friend Robin invited me to her house to play games and then watch TV.  We were throwing the football around with her brothers - Jon was the starting quarterback on the high school team (I was in awe!).  Then we came in and had a snack and settled down to watch the Saturday Afternoon Horror Show. I actually don't remember the name of the show but it started at 3:00 every Saturday and I had never watched it before.  I thought about going home, but the brothers were there and they were so grown up and I didn't want them to make fun of me so I stayed.

The movie starts and it was "The Fall of the House of Usher" with Vincent Price.  The movie tagline was "He buried her alive... to save his soul!"  So you can imagine what I was in for.  I watched the whole thing scared down to my shoes.  In the last scene, a decrepit hand reaches out of a coffin.  Hated it!   It lasted until about 5:00 and it was DARK.  I had to walk home 4 blocks. Past the house with the creaky front porch. Past three alleys.  Past the dark factory.  Past Aunt Elda's house (it was dark). And past the high school.  The school was the worst.  It was nearly a block long and there were tall boxwood hedges all along the sidewalk completely blocking your view.  They only broke at the front door to the building. Then towards the end of the building was a cement bridge.  I was seeing scary things in the shadows.  I ran almost the whole way home.

I remember Grandma asking why I was so late (supposed to be home at 5:00 for dinner). I have no idea what I told her and I don't remember anything else about the day.  But I can still remember the feel of my pounding heart running home, scared all the way.  I did not get a thrill from the scares like some people say they get.  In fact, that is a thrill I'll never understand. 

So if you are at my house, or I am at your house and a scary or suspenseful movie comes on TV - don't be surprised if I leave the room at the most interesting times.   


Jim said...

Those movies were meant to scare impressionable 12 year olds. Most adults thought them somewhat funny. If you'd watch it again you might find yourself laughing at some of the lines.
"It'''s ALIVE!"

Julia said...

I remember when you ran in the kitchen when we were watching Jaws.