Monday, October 18, 2010

October Costumes

When the leaves turn yellow, orange and red, the nights turn damp and chilly and wood burning smoke begins pouring from chimneys, it reminds me of putting away the summer clothes and getting out the winter clothes.  Always while getting out the winter clothes, I stumbled upon costumes from Halloween.  The costumes came in a box with a window so you could see the mask and I stored them in that box.
This is the kind of costume we bought for Andy and Dann.  I don't actually know why I saved the costumes because they were never worn more than one year. 

I remember wearing a "boxed costume" at least one year but for the life of me I don't remember the character.  What I do remember is the smell and texture of the costume.  If it was cold, you put all your warm clothing on first.  Then you stepped into the one piece jump suit made of a cross between nylon, polyester and plastic.  From the waist to the neck in the back it was open. There were narrow plastic strings sewn onto the neckline that were meant to be tied together in the back.  By the end of the night - actually usually by the end of the first street - it was torn.  The mask was molded plastic and had a rubber band to go around the back of your head, sometimes getting caught in your hair.  I can still smell it.  It was really hard to see out of those masks.

Usually Martha and I would go together.  We would only go to houses where we knew the people.  When they opened the door, we yelled "Trick or treat".  They always invited us in.  Then came the guessing.  "Do we know you?  Do we know your parents? Do you have any brothers or sisters? Are you (guess a name)?"  Eventually they would either guess right or give up and the masks came off.  They laughed, told us we were getting big and gave us the candy.

There were no fun size bars then, only full size.  We did get a few apples and some NECCO wafers but mostly Snickers, Milky Way and Reese's.  Funny though, the candy never seemed to last as long as I thought it should.  Do you think I shared  it with my brothers and forgot? 

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