Saturday, October 9, 2010


Tomorrow is..... 10/10/10.  (AKA my brother-in-law's birthday.)  By itself, however, it is another in a long line of weird dates.  Last year was 9/9/09, but my favorite series includes time.  This year on August 9th at exactly 6 minutes and 7 seconds after 5 AM it was 5:06:07 8/9/10. 

I have always had a fascination with numbers, which developed into an interest in incidences, coincidences, statistics, etc.  I'm not really sure why I am mentioning this.  But I think it is because I am watching baseball, the sport with more numbers than any other.  It isn't enough to learn the rules of the game - you have to know the history - the statistics - the numbers.  Your depth of "fanness" is rated by how well you know any number of inane facts, players, wins, losses, pitches, on and on. 

I am sure my initial interest was driven by wanting to fit in with three older brothers and a dad who watched the Phillies whenever they were on TV.  The rules for watching were funny.  I was allowed to stay in the room as long as I didn't disrupt anyone.  Of course you know that meant no talking.  Imagine a 6-9 year old not talking.  By not talking, I ended up listening to the announcers (lots of facts) and to the discussions in the room.  All those things added to my base of baseball knowledge, such as it is.

Truth is, I really like baseball.  What follows seems a strange segue, but it'll make sense soon.  Imagine it is about 1981, I was working at ALPO.  My friend Rich came to my cubicle and asked me "Do you know who hit the shot heard round the world?" (Now for those of you who don't know baseball you might remember the announcer saying "The Giants won the pennant, the Giants won the pennant"  If not check this out. )  I gave Rich a who-wouldn't-know-that look and said "Of course!"  "Come to MJ's office, you have to tell her.  She won't believe me."  Rich said.  Naturally, we stick our heads into MJ's office and she asks, "Linda, tell me who you think hit the shot heard round the world."  Mostly sure of myself, I answer, "well Bobby Thomson, of course"  MJ gestures to a man sitting in the corner, "Linda, I'd like you to meet Bobby Thomson!"  What a thrill for me.  I was able to spend a few minutes chatting with him.  I really was star struck.  I have no recollection of the conversation.

Maybe if he'd have thrown in a few numbers...........

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