Sunday, October 17, 2010

Grandchild Sunday

We had a really fun day today. 

Micah (#39) had a football game this afternoon.  It was the last game of the regular season.  He played offense and defense.  They won by two touchdowns.  It was grand!  And the whole game I was sitting next to and chatting with Katie.  What a delight!

After the game we decided to see if Nathan was home.  He was building this giant Lego tower with Dad.  He didn't hear us come in but looked up and saw me.  He ran over with his arms open and shouted, "Grammy, I'm so glad you came back!"  As he was hugging me, he saw Bill and shouted "Pop-pop, you came back too!  Hooray!"  Then he ran to Bill for a hug.  You can't have a better welcome.

On the left, the tower was falling over.  Dad caught the top of it but it was taller than Eric (Dad).

Then Nathan played with one of his favorite toys, my iPhone.  He understands how it works and has a ball with it.  I have some special alphabet and numbers apps and of course a few games.  There is a game called Fling that you have to fling these fuzzy balls into each other either horizontally or vertically knocking them off the board.  You win if you can get it to one ball left.  He is really good at this.  Soon it was time for us to go.  Nathan wanted us to stay - what a nice feeling!

iPhone focus!
We made a quick run to Sam's club.  We got there at 5:40 and they close at 6.  We had two things on our list; we got four.  And were back in the car by 5:56.  Bonus!

Home again and  - No, I didn't finish the laundry room. :)

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