Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Cleaning

Is it instinctive or is it learned?  Every fall and every spring I get the urge to clean out, scrub down and reorganize.  So today, I started on the laundry room.  And in addition to actually being used as a laundry room, this room tends to be a dumping grounds or a staging area.  And in the past, it was also where we kept Homer's litter box (a different kind of dumping grounds).

It has been quite awhile since the whole room was worked over.  In the past few years, I often attacked the room in parts but never the whole thing at once.  I probably worked about 7 hours on it today.  I moved everything out of the room but the washer, dryer and a cabinet.  Scrub the floor, scrub the walls, should I paint? 

A great break was a visit with Dann and Micah.  They brought videos, pictures and stories from their cruise.  The boys threw the football around.  We played a hot game of rummy, Dann won and Micah beat Pa Bill.  I was the big loser!  We ended with a trip to Applebees. When we got home, I committed to myself to get back at it until the Phillies game started. (Phillies are on now)

Now I have this pile of stuff - no, of course I didn't finish it today - to sort, organize and fit back into the room.  Where did it all come from?  Oh, did I mention that when I moved the dryer, I broke the exhaust hose?  Some things don't go back in the room - which will lead me to the next room, and the next room, and the next room. 

As my friend says, no good deed goes unpunished!

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