Friday, September 17, 2010

September Sightings

Since Homer died, we have been experiencing an abundance of critters.  From spiders and moths to chipmunks and birds, who knew the little guy was patrolling the outside from inside.  This morning we saw "new" wildlife, at least it is new for us.  This is the PA state bird, the ruffed grouse.
No kidding, there were at least 15 of them feeding and traveling through our front yard.  So I discovered two very funny things.  First there is a ruffed grouse society (!) and second a group of three or more ruffed grouse is called a Thunder (!!).

Now here is the best one.

We came home from about 6 hours of errands.  We opened my garage door and Bill ran in to answer the phone.  As I began to unload the groceries, what do I see coming out of the garage but a big brownish cat!  He ran low and quick as though he were stalking prey in a field.  The poor thing.  I guess he recognized a cat friendly house and decided to take refuge in this decidedly doggy neighborhood. The garage door was open for half an hour various times during the day today.  At some point, he sneaked in and hid under my car only to be stuck!  I'll have to keep my eye out for him :)

I wonder whether we'll see the wild turkeys tomorrow, or maybe deer, or groundhog, or if we're lucky we'll see that fox everyone is talking about.

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