Monday, September 27, 2010

Men and their Toys

Our downspout drain stopped draining.  Many years ago, Bill, Dann, Bryan, Steve and David (I think I have the players right) dug a trench with a ditch witch from the house to someplace near the edge of our yard.  A pipe was laid to carry the water from the downspouts and it has worked very well until this year.  The problem:  Now that it was clogged, we couldn't find the end of the pipe.  The stones marking the end must have been eaten up by the yard.  Bill dug random holes where he thought the end should be to no avail.

Finally, one bright Saturday - our neighbor Bill Smith rented a backhoe for moving rock on his property.  So the two Bills started poking around, found and dug up the piping. It became a neighborhood event - all the men gather.
They found the middle of the pipe first.  And were able to trace it to the outlet. 
Imagine their surprise when they finally found the pipe end and dug this up.
The lovely maple tree at the edge of our property found the end of the pipe and shot a root right up there.  As they uncovered more pipe, they still had not come to the end of the roots.  The men were concerned the roots had found their way up the downspout.  Finally they got to the end of the root ball.  It was about 30 feet of clogged pipe, and here is a picture of the snaky looking tree roots pulled from the pipe.

Even though there will be significant work cleaning up the holes and replacing and burying the pipes a good time was had by all.  After all, every man wants eventually to operate and use a backhoe.  Don't they?

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scissorbill said...

Yes! We could hear one in the distance backing up and all four of my boys' ears perked up.