Wednesday, September 15, 2010


We (Bill) bought a 2010 Jeep after about 15 years and 230,000+ miles with a Pathfinder.  The transition has mixed reviews.

There is a certain freedom that comes with a car that has so many miles on it that you only carry liability insurance.  Other drivers can see that in your eyes (and probably in your paint job) and are careful not to cross you.  You never know what that crazy driver might do.  I had an old car with few miles on it while I was still working for ALPO.  I was coming home from the advertising agency in Phila. when I got stuck in one of those nasty construction-merge traffic jams.  I had been sitting in unmoving traffic for at least 30 minutes then was merged out one too many times and was fuming! I was actually borderline psychotic.  The next car attempting to cut me off was a nice new sports car.  I jerked my wheel in his direction and he backed off so quick I had to laugh.  Nobody bothered me after that.  I'm still not sure if people actually stayed away or if my actions freed my anger.  But I digress.

Since our cars were old, we didn't look for bumps and scratches anymore.  I still watch out for bird droppings on my old car 'cause that can be like acid on any paint job.  In all those miles, we never had a failure (unless you count rust - which was minor)

Now that we have the Jeep, Bill inspects it for dings, scratches and I don't know what else.  And since we had the Jeep, we had a tire blow-out and now the bumper is loose.  He had to pitch a fit at the car dealer today to get it fixed.  The dealer claimed that Bill must have hit something.  Uh - the bumper wasn't dented - it was loose!

Don't get me wrong.  The car is really great.  I love the navigation system and all the stereo bells and whistles.  It can tell you if you have a tire going down, but it can't tell you that running over a rock will split the tire from inside rim to outside rim.

All the things you expect to be great, are great.  However, now we have to inspect the car for shopping cart attacks and manufacturing flaws - at least once a week. 

I wonder how long that will last?

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